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Management Team

James Booth Managing Director, PPL Training   James Booth
    Chief Executive
    Created one of the UK's largest technical training providers in 2005. Initially as a Plumbing training
    provider which has since expanded into offering a wealth of training courses at locations across the   
    UK in Mechanical & Electrical and Sustainability.

Kevin Featherstone Technical Director, PPL Training   Kevin Featherstone
    Sustainability Division Director
    Over 8 years experience working at PPL Training as a course tutor and as an Operational Director.
    Kevin currently heads up the Sustainability Training Division.

   Gary Cooper
    Mechanical & Electrical Division Director
    A qualified and multi-skilled mechanical engineer, with over 30 year experience in the military and
    industrial environments. Specialist training areas include Mechanical & Pressure Systems, Confined
    Spaces, Refrigeration and Water Systems.

Kevin Hook Technical Director, PPL Training   Kevin Hook
    Technical Director
    Over 40 years experience in the plumbing and heating industry with over 18 years teaching 
    experience. Kevin also develops and delivers Wall and Loft Insulation training courses.  

Steve Martin Electrical Business Manager, PPL Training   Steve Martin
    Electrical Business Manager
    A professional engineer with considerable experience of the management, installation, operation and
    maintenance of electrical and airfield engineering systems. Steve has delivered training events
    overseas in Hong Kong, Nepal, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Qatar and Belize. Steve also chairs the IET's AGL
    Competency and Safety Working group.

Tony Towle Digital Marketing Manager, PPL Training   Tony Towle
    Digital Marketing Manager
  Over 10 years experience of Digital Marketing across manufacturing, service, and retail in companies
    with a sub £100k turnover to over £100m. Tony manages the marketing team who specialise in                 designing and delivering the latest digital presence of PPL Training across the internet, social,                   video, and email.


Jonathan Eland, PPL Training   Jonathan Eland
    Business Development Manager
  Joined PPL Training in 2013 to look after and grow Mechanical, Electrical and Legionella customer
    accounts. Jonathan has over 20 years experience as a sales advisor and is responsible for large
    customer accounts including the NHS, FM and airports


Nichola Tomlinson, Business Process Manager, PPL Training   Nichola Tomlinson
    Business Process Manager
  With many years experience in administration and accounts, Nichola now looks after PPL business
    processes including Health & Safety, HR and Personnel.

Nichola Tomlinson, Business Process Manager, PPL Training   Caroline Archer
    Customer Service Manager
  An experienced Customer Service Manager with over 15 years experience within the training and 
    education industry. Caroline looks after the PPL Training administration team and is also responsible         for Mechanical & Electrical administrative support, client liason and business improvement models.      

Jackie Brigham Quality Management Systems Trainer Manager, PPL Training   Jackie Brigham
    Quality Management Systems Training Manager
An experienced trainer who manages the development and delivery of Quality Management Training
    at PPL Training. With over 15 years’ experience in a training environment, Jackie has an extensive
    knowledge of the main awarding bodies’ registration and certification processes and provides
   assistance for both the training team and external customers.