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This course is available in:Slough, York
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Mechanical & Electrical Safe Systems Training Courses from PPL...

Our Mechanical training courses provide high quality training for Authorised and Competent Persons in order to meet the requirements of a wide range if industries such as the Health sector, The Ministry of Defence and the Commercial sector. The Mechanical & Electrical courses at PPL Training are delivered by lecturers with extensive and current experience of Authorised Person responsibilities and in many cases are practising Authorising Engineers for Electrical and Mechanical disciplines.  We aim to provide a superb learning experience from start to finish with innovative and interactive teaching methods giving delegates the best possible opportunity to enhance their knowledge as well as putting their skills into practice with our realistic real world scenario based practical exercises.

Our Mechanical & Electrical M&E Training Courses include:-

Mechanical & Electrical Training Course Video

PPL Training's Mechanical Facilities in York (Head Office)

PPL Training, PPL House, 6 Opus Avenue, York Business Park, North Yorkshire, YO26 6BL
(Directions using Google Maps) (Directions downloadable PDF )

The Faraday Room

The Stephenson Room

The Dyson Room

The Board Room (Foster Room)

Mechanical & Electrical Practical Area
5,000 Sq Ft

Low Voltage Electrical Equipment

High Voltage Electrical Equipment - Lucy Sabre & Transformer

Mechanical & Electrical Equipment - Two Diesel Generators

Mechanical & Electrical Equipment - Aculok Lucy Sabre and Ringmaster

Mechanical Training Course Videos

Mechanical Services M&E Introduction Video

Electrical High Voltage Training

Electrical Low Voltage inc Authorised Person

Airfield Lighting Authorised Person