What is PAS 2030 certification?

PAS 2030 (Publicly Available Specification) is a standard to be adhered to if you wish to install Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) under schemes such as ECO  this could be anything from energy efficient boilers to loft and internal/external wall insulation. 

The current edition, PAS 2030:2014, Edition 1, covers 26 individual energy efficiency measures which are organised into 3 categories:


  • Building Fabric Measures (e.g., insulation, draught proofing, windows and doors)
  • Building Services Mechanical (e.g., heating and ventilation systems, controls, heat recovery)
  • Building Services Electrical (storage heaters, low-energy lighting and fan/pump drives)
The standard specifies the installation processes, service requirements and process management for these measures, along with minimum technical competencies you need to have to install under ECO. 


In 2016, PPL Training teamed up with Trade Engine to offer the Most Comprehensive PAS2030 Training in the UK and have trained over 700 Installers already.

What is
PAS 2030 designed to do?

The PAS2030 certification is designed to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings. The standard is published by BSI and specifies how businesses should operate, the processes they must go through for each installation they do, how they should engage with and manage their customers, and how problems, risks and issues are dealt with. It also provides measure-specific requirements (including the necessary competencies/qualifications) for each individual type of measure. and sets the specification for the installation process, process management and service provision. 

How do I Become a PAS2030 Green Deal Installer?

In order to become a PAS2030 accredited and carry out installations under schemes such as ECO, you need to follow 3 EASY Steps....

Ensure you meet the Quality Assurance requirements set out in the PAS2030 standard. This means you will need to be operating a PAS2030 compliant Quality Management System and prove you have carried out an installation to meet scheme requirements. PPL Training offers a one day comprehensive PAS2030 Quality Assurance Course in conjunction with Trade Engine. This includes guidance on ECO, how to become involved and what you need to do to become PAS2030 accredited, along with a bespoke Quality Management System and 12 months ongoing support. 

After completing the PAS2030 Quality Assurance training course, you will need to arrange for a Certification Body (such as STROMA, NICEIC or OCEAN) to carry out an assessment to check you meet the PAS2030 standard for the measures you wish to install.

The certification process is split into two main parts:

PART 1 - Assessment of the Quality Management System (Office-based)

This office based assessment establishes whether you are operating a Quality Management System as measures conform to the PAS2030 specification. You will need to show at least one example of an installation for each energy efficiency measure that you wish to be certified to install.

PART 2 - Assessments of installed energy efficiency measures (On-Site)

This on-site assessment establishes whether you can demonstrate that the installed energy efficiency measures conform to the PAS2030 specification. You will need to show at least one example of an installation for each energy efficiency measure that you wish to be certified to install. 


Once your company becomes PAS2030 accredited, you will need to register with a Provider or Funder, stating the installation measures you are able to install. The Provider/Funder will then send you leads to quote for new work and pay you for the work you carry out. 

For further details of PPL Training's PAS2030 Quality Assurance Course along with details of how to book a place please call our office on 01904 606090 or you can click here for the course page and booking form