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PPL Engineering Services

Authorising Engineer Support to ensure compliance with statutory legislation

PPL Engineering Services provide independent and professional advice to assist, and support your company.

We work as Authorising Engineers or independent consultants for Engineering Systems, where a Safe System of Work (SSoW) is required to ensure compliance with Statutory Regulations.

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We Have It Covered
  • Auditing
    Determine the levels of the Safe Systems of Work required.
  • Review and Recommend
    Review and recommend amendments to existing safety rules and procedures.
  • Bespoke to you
    Develop a bespoke set to be compliant with statutory requirements appropriate to your organisation.
  • Implement, Audit, Monitor and Maintain
    Covering various aspects of your Safe Systems of Work.
  • Recommendations
    Recommendations to ensure your compliance with new regulations and guidance.
  • Support, Mentor and Monitor
    Determine the levels of the Safe Systems of Work required.
  • Inform and Assist
    Support, inform and assist in technical issues, procedures and safety management practice.
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Assisting Towards compliance

Statutory Regulations

  • Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
  • Pressure Safety System Regulations 2000
  • Confined Spaces Regulations 1997
  • Working at Height Regulations 2005

We work to support, inform, and assist you in implementing and maintaining your Safe Systems of Work. Following this we work to monitor, and audit effectiveness of the Safe Systems of Work across those high-risk activities within your organisation.

Under Health and Safety at Work legislation, where hazards cannot be eliminated and an element of risk remains, there is a requirement for a Safe Systems of Work to be implemented.

Our Services

Defined services:

Our Authorising Engineer Services can be provided to maintain and review an established Safe System of Work or to guide and assist in mobilising a new system.

This includes initial prospective Authorised Person assessment to ensure that your staff are appropriately supported for training, using an individual personalised development plan prior to any on site mentoring and final assessment prior to appointment.

The professional status and role required of the Authorising Engineer may vary in accordance with the specialist engineering service being supported.

PPL Engineering Services currently provide Authorising Engineers for thirty-seven NHS Trusts, and many commercial organisations throughout the UK.

Support can be offered to you in the following disciplines:

  • High voltage distribution systems
  • Low voltage distribution systems
  • Lifts
  • Mechanical systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Hot and cold water systems
  • Confined spaces
  • Working at height
  • Aeronautical ground lighting
  • Petroleum

Healthcare Environments

Authorising Engineer Support for the Healthcare Environment:

Our Authorising Engineer Services can be provided to maintain and review an established Safe Systems of Work or to guide and assist in mobilising a new system. PPL Engineering Services is ideally set up to assist your Healthcare organisation with the implementation of the Health Technical Memoranda, across the disciplines most relevant to your organisational needs.

We can provide Authorising Engineer support under the following HTM's:

  • HTM 06-03 High voltage
  • HTM 06-02 Low voltage
  • HTM 04-01 Safe water
  • HTM 00
  • HTM 06-01 Electrical
  • HTM 08-02 Lifts

Authorising Engineer Role

The Authorising Engineer (AE) acts as an independent professional adviser to an organisation.

The AE should be appointed by the organisation to provide services in accordance with the organisation's relevant company Safe Systems of Work, as well as HSE, Health Technical Memoranda (HTM) or Joint Service Publication (JSP) guidance.

The AE's role is to act as technical assessor and make recommendations for the appointments of Authorised Persons (APs). Once AP's are appointed, the AE will contine to monitor the performance of the service and provide annual audits. With regard to audit in particular, the AE should remain independent of the operational structure of the organisation.

Our Team
James Godwin
James Godwin IEng.MIET MIHEEM
Managing Director Engineering Services
An Authorising Engineer with 28 years' experience in the electrical and mechanical services. James is a member of the IET & IHEEM with extensive knowledge and experience of the management, installation, operation and maintenance of electrical, mechanical (pressure systems) & petroleum installations.

Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper MIHEEM Tech IOSH MSOE MIPlantE
Authorising Engineer
Gary is a qualified and multi-skilled mechanical engineer. He has over 30 years experience in military and commercial environments. Gary has an extensive background in safe systems of work, across the whole FM portfolio, and is a practicing AE for Mechanical and Confined Spaces for many NHS Trusts and FM companies.

Steve Martin
Steve Martin BSc (Hons) IEng MIET LCGI
Authorising Engineer
Steve is an electrical engineer with over forty years' experience in the design, installation, operation and maintenance of electrical and airfield engineering systems. He has been heavily involved with Safe Systems of Work, including the roles of Authorising Engineer and Authorised Person for HV, LV, AGL and Hazardous Areas. Steve has worked for several organisations, within both the public and private sectors in UK and overseas, progressing from apprentice to technical director. He first became involved with training and assessment during his time with the Property Services Agency at Cardington and has enjoyed working in this specialist field at various times during his subsequent career. Steve is a regular contributor to Industry led technical committees and represents the UK on the IEC TC97 committee developing a new international standard for the design and installation of Aeronautical Ground Lighting systems. He is also a frequent presenter of papers on AGL competency and safety. As PPL’s Airfield Engineering and Lighting Manager, Steve is now concentrating on the development and delivery of specialist courses and also continuing with his consultancy and AE work.

Perry Dixon
Perry Dixon MEng BEng(Hons) CEng MIMechE MIHEEM
Authorising Engineer
Perry is a multiskilled and Chartered Mechanical Engineer (IMechE). He has over 25 years' experience working in various engineering roles, including 4 years as an Authorising Engineer and 12 years as an Authorised Person Electrical, Mechanical (Boiler & Pressure Systems) and Petroleum installations. With extensive knowledge and experience of the management, installation, operation and maintenance of electrical, mechanical and petroleum installations.

Aaron People
Aaron People FdEng LCGI EngTech MIET
Authorising Engineer
Aaron is an electrical engineer with over 23 years' experience. He is an Apprentice trained installation electrician with a degree in building services engineering and Member of the IET. Further to this he has extensive knowledge and experience in the management, design, installation, operation and maintenance of electrical systems. Aaron also has a vast knowledge of safe systems of work with 10 years' experience as an Authorised Person and 8 years' experience as an Authorising Engineer. His specialist areas include: low voltage design, inspection & testing, hazardous areas, high voltage, aeronautical ground lighting & water hygiene management all of which have been gained working in the public, commercial and defence sectors in the UK and overseas.

Stuart Whitehead
Stuart Whitehead BSc(Hons) CMgr EngTech MIHEEM MCMI
Authorising Engineer
Stuart is an electrical engineer with over 20 years of engineering experience, he is an apprentice trained installation electrician with a degree in engineering management. He has extensive knowledge and experience in both electrical and mechanical services. Stuart also has over 10 years of experience in strategic and operational engineering management delivering management support for both public and private sector environments and specialising in the healthcare sector. In addition to this, Stuart has over 8 years experience as an AP in HV/LV Electrical, Lifts, Ventilation, Water and Medical Gas Pipeline systems. Stuart has performed many roles in the engineering field throughout his career gaining vast experience in project management, operational and maintenance management, technical services management and compliance management. Utilising experience and his academic qualification, Stuart has supported engineering teams in private and public sectors with the delivery of statutory compliance, development and implementation of safe systems of work.

Ashley Morpeth
Ashley Morpeth
Authorising Engineer
Ashley is a highly experienced Senior Confined Space/Working at Height Training Consultant. Prior to joining the company in January 2020, Ashley gained his experience through a wide variety of positions within the industry, initially taking on a role as an Air Conditioning Engineer; for which he covered the installation and maintenance of these systems, before moving on to working around Europe as a Rope Access Technician and then through to the training and Authorising Engineer positions which he now holds. Ashley qualified as a Rope Access Technician through an IRATA Technician level 1 course in 2009, and from here he began to work on a self-employed basis for a range of large companies through until to 2015. In this role Ashley provided rescue cover, risk assessments, rigging and hands on working, all in a Working at Height capacity. He has since obtained the IRATA level 2 and Supervisor Technician qualifications and has progressed into teaching. Since 2015 Ashley has been involved in the training industry, and during his previous job he progressed through from a Senior Training Consultant to a Training Manager. He also spent some time providing Authorising Engineer and Authorised Person duties to clients, as well as developing and auditing Safe Systems of Work. Ashley taught a wide range of courses within his previous role; however, he was predominantly responsible for the Working at Height and Confined Space training courses.

David George
Authorising Engineer
A Mechanical and Electrical engineer with over 30 years' experience in military and commercial environments, both internationally and across the UK. David's experience includes 10 years as an Authorised Person, and over 14 years experience as an Authorising Engineer for electrical, mechanical, petroleum and confined spaces, as well as being directly involved in hard FM and project management.