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Falling From a Height Identified as The Main Kind of Fatal Workplace Accident

29 Workers Suffer Fatal Accidents Across 2019/2020

29 Workers Suffer Fatal Accidents From Falling From a Height Across 2019/2020

The UK has consistently been renowned for having one of the lowest rates of fatal injury across the EU, and recent figures which were released by the HSE (111 fatalities) show a decrease of 36 from the previous year.

However, there is more that can be done to ensure the safety of workers and reduce the rate of fatal and non-fatal injuries in the workplace further.

Figures from the HSE and RIDDOR highlights that the main kind of fatal accident identified is falling from a height (29).

Industries With Highest Fatal Injuries

    • Construction - 40
    • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing - 20
    • Admin and Support Services, Waste and Other - 19
    • Manufacturing - 15
    • Transport and Storage - 11
    • Wholesale, Retail, Motor Repair, Accommodation and Food - 6

Working at Height Control and Prevention Measures to Keep You and Your Team Safe

Before working from a height and in order to keep you and your team safe you must first consider the risks before implementing any safety measures.

  • • Avoid working from a height where it is deemed reasonably practicable to do so
  • • Provide RAMs for work which will be carried out
  • • Do as much work as possible from the ground
  • • Ensure workers can get safely to and from where they work at height
  • • Take precautions when working on or near fragile surfaces
  • • Provide protection from falling objects
  • • Ensure you are using the correct equipment for the work
  • • Check that the equipment has been maintained and is checked regularly
  • • Don't rest ladders against weak upper surfaces
  • • Don't use ladders for heavy or strenuous tasks, only use them for light work for a short duration (Maximum 30 minutes at a time)

To assist you and your team in reducing the risks and to support the implementation of safe working procedures, we can provide Working at Height training for both Commercial and MOD environments.

Our courses provide those who have been put forward for Authorised person positions, with the requisite knowledge to be able to identify and advise on typical working at height activities and the associated risks.

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