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Closed Water Systems Awareness Remote (EWH013)

£295 + VAT
1 Day

Our Online Tutor-Led Remote Training

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Course Overview
Gain an insightful understanding of closed water systems with our 1-day water hygiene awareness course.

This comprehensive course covers a wide range of technical and legal guidance including Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Building Services Research Information Association (BSRIA) and British Standards.

Further to this, our comprehensive course provides you with the essential background knowledge needed to work on closed water systems along with their requirements and functions.

We appreciate that our training staff are a vital component of the overall delegate learning experience. As such, all of our remote training courses are delivered live by one of our tutors through Microsoft Teams.
Who is This Course For?
Our course has been designed for a range of job roles including facilities managers, water treatment engineers/technicians, landlords, maintenance staff and contractors. This course will support all roles which have responsibility for the installation, maintenance and monitoring of commercial and industrial closed water systems.
Start Date End Date Location Price (Ex. Vat)
Thu, 29th August 2024 Thu, 29th August 2024 Remote Training £ 295
Thu, 19th December 2024 Thu, 19th December 2024 Remote Training £ 295
Wed, 19th February 2025 Wed, 19th February 2025 Remote Training £ 295
Wed, 16th April 2025 Wed, 16th April 2025 Remote Training £ 295
Thu, 22nd May 2025 Thu, 22nd May 2025 Remote Training £ 295

  • Closed water systems; types, function and requirements
  • Legal aspect - relevant statute documents
  • Guidance documents - HSE guidance document, BSRIA guides and BS guides
  • Types of closed water systems: Low to high pressure temperature systems - closed condenser water systems, chilled water systems and closed-loop systems
  • Aspects affecting closed water systems - Types of pipework used and corrosion issues caused by chemicals and bacteria
  • Water treatment chemicals
  • Water analysis and recording processes
  • Written course assessment
There are no additional requirements prior to attending this course.
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