Hydrocarbon Qualification | City & Guilds 6187-21 (6187)

£300 + VAT
1 Day
York,   Slough,   Bathgate and On-site.
Course Overview
This City & Guilds course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to safely handle hydrocarbon refrigerants during installation, service, maintenance and disposal. This course covers all Hydrocarbon refrigerants, including R290 and R600a. It is also suitable for engineers working with flammable HFO's and HFC's including R1234yf, R1234ze and R32.
Who is This Course For?
This is aimed at experienced engineers who work on systems containing hydrocarbon and flammable refrigerants. To enrol on this course you must be experienced in working with refrigeration and air-conditioning systems and must hold the C&G 2079-11, 2079-12 or equivalent qualification.
Start Date End Date Location Price (Ex. Vat)
Thu, 4th November 2021 Thu, 4th November 2021 Slough £300
Tue, 9th November 2021 Tue, 9th November 2021 York £300
Wed, 10th November 2021 Wed, 10th November 2021 York £300
Tue, 21st December 2021 Tue, 21st December 2021 Slough £300
Wed, 22nd December 2021 Wed, 22nd December 2021 Slough £300
Wed, 5th January 2022 Wed, 5th January 2022 Slough £300
Thu, 6th January 2022 Thu, 6th January 2022 Slough £300
Tue, 8th February 2022 Tue, 8th February 2022 York £300
Wed, 9th February 2022 Wed, 9th February 2022 York £300
Tue, 15th February 2022 Tue, 15th February 2022 Bathgate £300
Wed, 16th February 2022 Wed, 16th February 2022 Bathgate £300
Thu, 17th March 2022 Thu, 17th March 2022 Slough £300
Fri, 18th March 2022 Fri, 18th March 2022 Slough £300
Tue, 12th April 2022 Tue, 12th April 2022 York £300
Wed, 13th April 2022 Wed, 13th April 2022 York £300
Thu, 21st April 2022 Thu, 21st April 2022 Bathgate £300
Fri, 22nd April 2022 Fri, 22nd April 2022 Bathgate £300
Wed, 4th May 2022 Wed, 4th May 2022 Slough £300
Thu, 5th May 2022 Thu, 5th May 2022 Slough £300
Tue, 31st May 2022 Tue, 31st May 2022 York £300
Wed, 1st June 2022 Wed, 1st June 2022 York £300
Wed, 15th June 2022 Wed, 15th June 2022 Slough £300
Thu, 16th June 2022 Thu, 16th June 2022 Slough £300
Tue, 26th July 2022 Tue, 26th July 2022 Slough £300
Wed, 27th July 2022 Wed, 27th July 2022 Slough £300
Tue, 16th August 2022 Tue, 16th August 2022 Slough £300
Wed, 17th August 2022 Wed, 17th August 2022 Slough £300
Wed, 31st August 2022 Wed, 31st August 2022 York £300
Thu, 1st September 2022 Thu, 1st September 2022 York £300
Tue, 27th September 2022 Tue, 27th September 2022 Slough £300
Wed, 28th September 2022 Wed, 28th September 2022 Slough £300
Tue, 4th October 2022 Tue, 4th October 2022 York £300
Wed, 5th October 2022 Wed, 5th October 2022 York £300
Tue, 11th October 2022 Tue, 11th October 2022 Bathgate £300
Wed, 12th October 2022 Wed, 12th October 2022 Bathgate £300
Thu, 17th November 2022 Thu, 17th November 2022 Slough £300
Fri, 18th November 2022 Fri, 18th November 2022 Slough £300
Tue, 6th December 2022 Tue, 6th December 2022 Bathgate £300
Wed, 7th December 2022 Wed, 7th December 2022 Bathgate £300

  Day 1
Start 09:00
End 16:30
  • Dangers of working with hydrocarbons and identifying hazards
  • Regulations for the installation, servicing and de-commissioning of hydrocarbon RAC systems
  • Hazards and safe working practices for the recovery, storage and transportation of recovered refrigerants
  • Recovery of refrigerant and oil and preparation for disposal
Prior to attending this course we recommend you have completed the following or their equivalent and possess:
F-Gas (Category 1) | City & Guilds 2079-11
Photographic ID - This can be in the form of: Passport, Driving Licence, CSCS Card, Work ID Card, Trade Union Card, Proof of Age Card
Certificate - A copy of your City & Guilds 2079 F-Gas certificate
On successful completion, we recommend the following training courses to continue your learning path:
Introduction to Air Conditioning
Course Training Team


Andy Cresswell

Mechanical Training Manager

Andy is a Mechanical Training Manager with over 36 years experience in the Mechanical Industry. He is a qualified mechanical engineer, and has worked within various Mechanical roles spanning over 23 years. Andy also has 13 years experience as a training consultant / assessor / internal verifier of which he is responsible for delivery, quality and course development across the following areas: Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, Handling of F-Gas substances as well as electrical / mechanical safe systems of work course areas. Andy also undertakes Legionella Management and Awareness training and has experience across various other disciplines such as Electrical Low Voltage and Electrical Installations and Renewable Technologies (Thermodynamics and Solar PV). Further to this Andy has also delivered training events overseas in Cyprus, Kenya, Belize, Qatar and Afghanistan.


Richard Heighton

Senior Mechanical Training Consultant

Richard Heighton is a senior training consultant who has over 30 years experience in the commercial and domestic plumbing, heating and renewables industry. He ran his own business in the trade for 9 years. He is a qualified Certificate in Education practitioner and has been teaching and assessing in the life-long learning sector for 10 years.

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