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AP/SAP High Voltage - DNO and IDNO Sectors ENA Safety Rules (APHV5)

£1,495 + VAT
5 Days
York and Slough.
Course Overview
This course will provide knowledge regarding the technical aspects of high voltage electrical equipment & systems. Using generic DNO style methodology & documents, the course will outline best practices and safe working procedures to prevent danger and to comply with current UK legislation. The course references guidance and ACOPs such as BS6626 and HSG230, which makes it suitable for those working on system voltages up to 33KV.

All delegates who are successful with their course assessments will receive a Certificate of Achievement. Delegates who are not successful with their assessments will receive a PPL Certificate of Attendance.
Who is This Course For?
This course is aimed at engineering staff who wish to gain the knowledge required for consideration for appointment as an electrical AP/SAP working within the DNO/IDNO sectors or for those working in the commercial sector who have adopted the ENA model safety rules.
Start Date End Date Location Price (Ex. Vat)
Mon, 5th August 2024 Fri, 9th August 2024 Slough £ 1,495
Mon, 23rd September 2024 Fri, 27th September 2024 Slough £ 1,495
Mon, 4th November 2024 Fri, 8th November 2024 Slough £ 1,495
Mon, 25th November 2024 Fri, 29th November 2024 York £ 1,495
Mon, 27th January 2025 Fri, 31st January 2025 York £ 1,495
Mon, 3rd February 2025 Fri, 7th February 2025 Slough £ 1,495
Mon, 24th March 2025 Fri, 28th March 2025 York £ 1,495
Mon, 28th April 2025 Fri, 2nd May 2025 Slough £ 1,495
Mon, 9th June 2025 Fri, 13th June 2025 York £ 1,495
Mon, 23rd June 2025 Fri, 27th June 2025 Slough £ 1,495

  • Risks and Hazards when working at High Voltage
  • Legislation and guidance
  • Distribution systems & fault finding
  • Switchgear and equipment/apparatus.
  • Introduction to HV protection systems
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Documentation for the control of operational safety
  • Working safely on HV equipment.
  • Issue and receipt of safety documents such as PTW & SFT
  • Roles and duties of personnel.
Prior to attending this course we recommend you have the following:
A basic knowledge and understanding of HV distribution.
Willingness to contribute and learn within a classroom and workshop environment.
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