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Legionella Threatens the Re-Opening of Industries

In recent months, industries across the UK have been dealing with COVID-19 issues that have impacted the day to day operations of their facilities. However, as the UK government slowly ease COVID-19 related measures, more workplaces are starting to reopen. Industries preparing to reopen and restart operations must remain conscious of the role they play in taking the necessary precautions to protect the health and safety of both workers and customers. As seen in the media lately, Legionella bacteria has been reported across the UK with schools and universities making headlines. Legionella is a water-dwelling bacterium that lives in hot-and-cold water systems, including pipes, taps, tanks, and spray-heads. When facilities are not used for a period of time - as we have just seen for the past three months - the bacteria can build up in stagnant water to dangerous levels.  

7 Schools Closed Due to Legionella

Earlier this month, Legionella was found in seven separate schools’ water supplies in the small Welsh borough of Blaenau Gwent. This has resulted in the schools missing their reopening date of 29th June and are now undergoing full system chlorination. As Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that swimming pools, spas, gyms, and leisure centres will be reopening on the 25th July, all appropriate water and air conditioning systems should be evaluated and if necessary undergo Legionella testing, with regular system flushing, followed with continued monitoring.

Our Legionella (Water Hygiene) courses are designed to meet a wide range of requirements including ACOP L8 compliance. These City and Guilds accredited courses are structured to provide skills in, Legionella; Managementawareness, and disinfection.

Are You Ready to Reopen

Find out how to manage and prepare hot and cold water services in buildings including hotels, B&Bs and restaurants to ensure they are safe to use after a prolonged shutdown with our FREE OF CHARGE ONLINE 30 minute video presentation and info pack.

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