Authorised Person Working At Height (MOD) (APWH)

£845 + VAT
3 Days
York,   Slough and On-site.
Course Overview
This City & Guilds accredited course meets the main requirements of JSP 375, Volume 3, Chapter 7, and many other similar safety rules and procedures. On completion of the course, you will have the requisite knowledge to be able to identify and advise on typical working at height activities, and the associated risks. You will also be able to check the competency of operatives, the quality of their equipment, and ensure that the correct control measures and safety documentation is in place prior to issuing a permit for work to be carried out.
Who is This Course For?
This is for those who have been selected for training to become an Authorised Person (Working at Height). This position has the responsibilities to implement, manage and control all aspects of working at height operations, ensuring that a safe system of work is in place.
Start Date End Date Location Price (Ex. Vat)
Tue, 26th October 2021 Thu, 28th October 2021 York £845
Tue, 2nd November 2021 Thu, 4th November 2021 Slough £845
Tue, 18th January 2022 Thu, 20th January 2022 Slough £845
Tue, 15th February 2022 Thu, 17th February 2022 York £845
Tue, 22nd March 2022 Thu, 24th March 2022 Slough £845
Wed, 20th April 2022 Fri, 22nd April 2022 York £845
Tue, 17th May 2022 Thu, 19th May 2022 Slough £845
Tue, 21st June 2022 Thu, 23rd June 2022 York £845
Tue, 19th July 2022 Thu, 21st July 2022 Slough £845
Tue, 16th August 2022 Thu, 18th August 2022 York £845
Tue, 13th September 2022 Thu, 15th September 2022 Slough £845
Mon, 17th October 2022 Wed, 19th October 2022 York £845
Tue, 15th November 2022 Thu, 17th November 2022 Slough £845
Tue, 20th December 2022 Thu, 22nd December 2022 York £845

Day Morning Afternoon
  • Course Introduction
  • Health and Safety Legislation and Work at Height Regulations
  • Introduction to JSP375 Chapter 7
  • Application of Chapter 7
  • Design, Appraisal, Inspection and Maintenance of Masts and Towers
  • Documentation Arrangements
  • Operating Procedures
  • The Climbing Team
  • Overview of Typical PPE for Tower Climbing
  • Assessing and Appointing
  • Auditing and Monitoring
  • Chapter 7 Familiarisation Exercise
  • Permit to Climb Worked Example
  • Chapter 27 (Preventing Falls and Falling Objects
  • Technical and Procedural Question Paper
  • Safety Documentation and Assessment Scenario
  • Safety Documentation Assessment Scenario Continued
  • Overview of Health and Safety and statutory regulations
  • Introduction to Chapter 7 and Scope and limitations of Chapter 7
  • Management Arrangements (Hierarchy of Control Measures)
  • Roles and duties
  • Assessment, appointment, auditing and monitoring
  • Climbing teams and authorised climbers
  • Personal protective equipment and respiratory protective equipment
  • Operating procedures (safety documentation) | rooftop working (HSG33)
  • Chapter 27- Preventing Falls and Falling Objects
  • Safety Documentation worked examples and scenario
Prior to attending this course we recommend you have the following:
Everything you require for this course is provided
Course Training Team


Ashley Morpeth

Senior CS/WaH Training Consultant

Ashley is a highly experienced Senior Confined Space/Working at Height Training Consultant. Prior to joining the company in January 2020, Ashley gained his experience through a wide variety of positions within the industry, initially taking on a role as an Air Conditioning Engineer; for which he covered the installation and maintenance of these systems, before moving on to working around Europe as a Rope Access Technician and then through to the training and Authorising Engineer positions which he now holds. Ashley qualified as a Rope Access Technician through an IRATA Technician level 1 course in 2009, and from here he began to work on a self-employed basis for a range of large companies through until to 2015. In this role Ashley provided rescue cover, risk assessments, rigging and hands on working, all in a Working at Height capacity. He has since obtained the IRATA level 2 and Supervisor Technician qualifications and has progressed into teaching. Since 2015 Ashley has been involved in the training industry, and during his previous job he progressed through from a Senior Training Consultant to a Training Manager. He also spent some time providing Authorising Engineer and Authorised Person duties to clients, as well as developing and auditing Safe Systems of Work. Ashley taught a wide range of courses within his previous role; however, he was predominantly responsible for the Working at Height and Confined Space training courses.

Customer Questions

Q: What are RAMS?
A: RAMS covers Risk Assessments Method Statements
Q: What is an Authorised Person?
A: An Authorised Person is defined as someone who has been formally authorised in writing to undertake a role.
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