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Heliports Visual Aids Principles (HPVA)

£540 + VAT
2 Days
York and Slough.
Course Overview
Designed to provide delegates with a detailed overview of Visual Aids principles, as it relates to on-shore Heliports (including Helipads). This course will assist in meeting various ICAO and CAA regulations, as well as MAA Regulatory Article 3535 for MOD establishments.

Upon completion, delegates will have an increased understanding of Helipad lighting requirements, Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL) supplies and circuits, as well as Helipad Visual Aids layouts.
Who is This Course For?
Any person involved with the management or day-to-day maintenance of an on-shore Heliport facility. Including individuals responsible for private heliports and those within MOD establishments. Training is designed to enable delegates to meet the requirements of, ICAO Annexe 14, Volume II - Document 9261, CAA - CAP 637, CAA - CAP 168 Chapter 12, and MAA - Regulatory Article 3535.
Start Date End Date Location Price (Ex. Vat)
Tue, 13th February 2024 Wed, 14th February 2024 Slough £ 540
Mon, 11th March 2024 Tue, 12th March 2024 York £ 540
Tue, 17th September 2024 Wed, 18th September 2024 Slough £ 540
Tue, 24th September 2024 Wed, 25th September 2024 York £ 540

  • Regulations and standards applied to Heliports
  • An introduction to Visual Aids
  • Layout options for Heliports
  • Heliport lighting requirements
  • AGL supplies and circuits
  • The risk of electrical hazards
  • Parallel and series circuits - interleaving - wiring AGL circuits
  • Safe isolation of AGL circuits
  • Practical demonstrations of CCRs
  • Practical demonstrations of safe isolation
  • Practical assessment of safe isolation
  • Final written examination
There are no additional requirements prior to attending this course.
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