Authorised Person High Voltage - Operation and Safety (APHV1)

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5 Days
York and Slough.
Course Overview
This City & Guilds Accredited course will enable you to gain the knowledge required to carry out Authorised Person duties and responsibilities in order to achieve compliance with the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and implement mandatory standards or company safety rules.

Please note we have the ability to offer this course on-site at your premises and on a bespoke basis.
Who is This Course For?
This course is aimed at experienced engineering staff with responsibility for the control, operation or maintenance of installed high voltage systems and who may be appointed as Authorised Person (Electrical High Voltage). This course may also be used as an Authorised Person refresher course for the commercial sector. For those working to the HTM structure, you will require the Authorised Person High Voltage - HTM 06-03 course. For those working to JSP 375 Vol 3, you will require the Authorised Person High Voltage MOD Sectors course.
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Mon, 2nd August 2021 Fri, 6th August 2021 York £1325
Mon, 9th August 2021 Fri, 13th August 2021 Slough £1325
Mon, 16th August 2021 Fri, 20th August 2021 York £1325
Mon, 23rd August 2021 Fri, 27th August 2021 Slough £1325
Mon, 23rd August 2021 Fri, 27th August 2021 York £1325
Mon, 6th September 2021 Fri, 10th September 2021 Slough £1325
Mon, 6th September 2021 Fri, 10th September 2021 York £1325
Mon, 13th September 2021 Fri, 17th September 2021 Slough £1325
Mon, 27th September 2021 Fri, 1st October 2021 York £1325
Mon, 4th October 2021 Fri, 8th October 2021 Slough £1325
Mon, 25th October 2021 Fri, 29th October 2021 York £1325
Mon, 25th October 2021 Fri, 29th October 2021 Slough £1325
Mon, 1st November 2021 Fri, 5th November 2021 Slough £1325
Mon, 8th November 2021 Fri, 12th November 2021 York £1325
Mon, 15th November 2021 Fri, 19th November 2021 York £1325
Mon, 29th November 2021 Fri, 3rd December 2021 York £1325
Mon, 29th November 2021 Fri, 3rd December 2021 Slough £1325
Mon, 6th December 2021 Fri, 10th December 2021 York £1325
Mon, 6th December 2021 Fri, 10th December 2021 Slough £1325
Mon, 10th January 2022 Fri, 14th January 2022 York £1325
Mon, 10th January 2022 Fri, 14th January 2022 Slough £1325
Mon, 24th January 2022 Fri, 28th January 2022 Slough £1325
Mon, 31st January 2022 Fri, 4th February 2022 York £1325
Mon, 31st January 2022 Fri, 4th February 2022 Slough £1325
Mon, 7th February 2022 Fri, 11th February 2022 Slough £1325
Mon, 21st February 2022 Fri, 25th February 2022 York £1325
Mon, 28th February 2022 Fri, 4th March 2022 Slough £1325
Mon, 7th March 2022 Fri, 11th March 2022 York £1325
Mon, 14th March 2022 Fri, 18th March 2022 Slough £1325
Mon, 21st March 2022 Fri, 25th March 2022 York £1325
Mon, 21st March 2022 Fri, 25th March 2022 Slough £1325
Mon, 28th March 2022 Fri, 1st April 2022 Slough £1325
Mon, 4th April 2022 Fri, 8th April 2022 York £1325
Mon, 25th April 2022 Fri, 29th April 2022 York £1325
Mon, 25th April 2022 Fri, 29th April 2022 Slough £1325

Day Morning Afternoon
  • Course Introduction
  • High Voltage Distribution System
  • High Voltage Switchgear
  • Electrical Safety Rules
  • Roles & Duties
  • HV Working
  • HV Working Scenario
  • HV Working Scenario (Cont)
  • Introduction to Protection
  • Practical Exercise(s)
  • Practical Exercise(s)
  • Exercise Question Review
  • Practical Exercise(s)
  • HV Safety Assessment Exercise(s)
  • Technical Assessment Exercise(s)
  • Introduction to high voltage distribution systems
  • High voltage switchgear types and operation
  • Substation equipment
  • Low voltage distribution systems
  • Requirements for safe operation of high voltage systems
  • Roles and duties of the Authorised Person
  • Safe working procedures, HSG 85 or company safety rules
  • Completion of safety documentation
  • Operation and isolation of high voltage systems
  • Introduction to protection systems
  • Maintenance procedures regarding high voltage assets
Prior to attending this course we recommend you have completed the following or their equivalent and possess:
Background knowledge or experience working within an electrical role.
Everything you require for this course is provided
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Course Training Team


Graham Taylor MIET

HV/LV Electrical Systems Training Manager

Graham is a HV/LV Electrical Systems Training Manager and has over 35 years experience in the electrical industry and a further 9 years teaching Safe Systems of Work courses. Graham specialises in Electrical High and Low Voltage training courses and has extensive experience which including working in the following areas: Maintenance engineer, Maintenance Management, Project Management as well as Electrical duty holder positions. Graham has worked within a wide range of different electrical roles in various different industries including the automotive, food and print sectors, where his responsibilities included electrical installations and repairs as well as managing large engineering projects. He has also carried out Electrical Authorised Person roles in both high and low voltage disciplines.


Kevin Burbidge

Electrical Installations Training Manager

Kevin is a senior electrical training consultant with over 30 years experience in the electrical industry. He specialises in electrical high and low voltage training courses including electrical installation testing and authorised person training for the commercial, healthcare and defence sectors. Kevin has worked as an electrical/mechanical engineer for various organisations and was an engineering project manager for 6 years specialising in research and development projects for Royal Mail. Kevin has also carried out electrical authorised person roles in both high voltage and low voltage disciplines.


Stephen Harnden MIET

Senior High/Low Voltage Training Consultant

Stephen joins PPL on the back of a tremendous career which spans over 40 years' within the Electrical industry and the MOD sector. Now a highly skilled and qualified professional, Stephen began his career as an apprentice Maintenance and Installation Electrician for RAF Wittering. Over a 15 year period, Stephen enjoyed getting to grips with various roles including; Maintenance Electrician and Engineering Plant Operator. Following this, Stephen fulfilled duties for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office on short term tours to Dakar (Senegal), Banjul (The Gambia) & Monrovia (Liberia) as a Technical Works Supervisor carrying out installation & refurbishment works to the Embassies, High Commissions & Staff Residence. Stephen then took up roles in Cyprus for around 4 years working for the Ministry of Defence, RAF Akrotiri as a Mechanical and Electrical Foreman and later as an Industrial Technician for the Ministry of Defence RAF Troodos & RAF Olympus. Positions which involved supervising mechanical and electrical tradesmen and covering various aspects associated with the maintenance of an operational flying station. The latter position involved looking after all aspects of building maintenance, heating & air-conditioning, catering facilities and Legionella control. Stephen has worked in many roles overseas, including Dublin (Ireland), Accra (Ghana), Islamabad (Pakistan) in similar M&E Technical Supervisor roles. More recently Stephen has held further positions within the Aerospace and Defence sector as a Site Manager coordinating Authorised Person High and Low Voltage, AGL, HV/LV Hazardous Areas and Boilers and Pressure Systems and as an Electrical Services Specialist (SAP HV/LV). He also has very recent experience as a High Voltage training lecturer.


Ian Bryant

Senior Electrical Training Consultant

Ian is a Senior Electrical Training Consultant with over 20 years experience served at RAF Fylingdales. During this time he was an Authorised Person with duties in Mechanical and Electrical disciplines. Ian has also held positions within the commercial and industrial sectors as an Engineer, Project Manager and Lead Engineer.


Steve Danby

Senior Electrical Training Consultant

Steve is a Senior Electrical Training Consultant with over 26 years experience in the electrical industry and over 14 years electrical teaching and training experience. Steve joined PPL Training in early 2014 and specialises in Electrical High and Low Voltage training courses, including electrical installations and Authorised Person for the Commercial, Healthcare and Defence sectors. Steve has worked within a wide range of different electrical roles since completing an Apprenticeship in Electrical Engineering in1990 with North Eastern Electricty Board (NEEB), more commonly known today as Northern Powergrid. His career at NEDL included working as a Craftsman on High Voltage overhead powerlines for 6 years, as well as taking up a role as a Rapid Response Faults Engineer for 4 years.


Allan Johns

Senior Electrical Training Consultant

Allan has been in the electrical world in various industries for around 40 years since starting as an apprentice in construction installation. He has worked within the Commercial Diving, Facilities Management, Commercial and Leisure Marine as well as the Film industry mainly based within the electrical sectors of these but also covering the safety side of these areas.


Don Maccallaugh

Associate Training Consultant

Don is a qualified Electrical, and Company Authorising Engineer with over 36 years' experience of the MoD and the private service sector. As a Chartered member of IOSH, Don has held several senior roles, which include UK Director of Compliance for a leading UK facilities management company. Don has extensive experience of HSE management systems, and mechanical and electrical safe systems management. He was previously the Technical Services Director responsible for all building services disciplines for a major facilities management organisation. Whilst employed as a MoD Training Manager Don managed the development of the Defence Estates BTEC safe system management qualification. Don has not only delivered training but also provided H&S consultancy extensively within the UK and overseas, including India, Gibraltar, Cyprus and Belize.


Steve Lewis

Senior Electrical HV/LV Training Consultant

Steve is a Senior Electrical training consultant and has over 40 years' experience in various industries across the UK. He also has over twelve years in the electrical industry, latterly in data centre and energy from waste power station environments. Steve completed a five year broad based mechanical and electrical apprenticeship with an electrical instrument manufacturer and a followed this up with three years within the race car industry. He also has a further 22 years in the FMCG industry as a factory wide, multi-skilled engineer which led to roles as an SAP HV and AP HV in an EfW power station and most recently the data centre world.

Customer Questions

Q: I attended this course 3+ years ago, do I need to take a refresher course?
A: We recommend that all Authorised Person courses are refreshed every 3 years to ensure you are up to date with the latest legislation and best practice.
Q: What is an Authorised Person?
A: An Authorised Person is defined as someone who has been formally authorised in writing to undertake a role.
Q: What voltages do you cover on this course?
A: HV distribution systems typically operate at 11000 Volts to 33000 Volts, which are covered by the reference material we use in the course.
Q: What do I need to wear to my course?
A: Everyday work wear or office wear is recommended, and to include not slip footwear. Our risk assessment has not identified any specific PPE.
Q: What is the difference between APHV, 1, 2, 3 & 4?
A: They are all HV courses designed for the prospective or current AP &/or SAP. HV1 is the basic course aimed at the more commercial sectors. HV4 is aimed at the same sectors but only for current SAPs. HV2 is delivered using HTM 06-03 rules for the hospital sector and HV3 is delivered using the JSP rules for the MOD sectors (but often used by the commercial sectors as a refresher course). For the hospital sectors requiring a 2 week course for the beginner, the HV1 followed by the HV2 will meet their requirements. For the MOD sector requiring a 2 week course for the beginner, the HV1 followed by a HV3 will meet their requirements.
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