Airfield Pavement Design (APD)

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Course Overview
This course provides both an introduction to the history and development of pavement design principally in the UK and USA, together with an overview of pavement evaluation methods practised around the world.
Who is This Course For?
This is aimed at graduates and other practising Engineers wishing to enhance their skillset in a consulting or contracting environment.
  • Empirical and analytical evaluation methods
  • UK civilian and military geometrical and functional requirements (CAP168 and MADS) and current ICAO standards
  • Aircraft load characteristics via ACN/PCN system or actual undercarriage loads
  • BAA Design Guide for Heavy Aircraft Loading Methodology and UK Defence Infrastructure
  • Organisation Guide to Design (DMG 27)
  • Examples of pavement thickness design for new and strengthened pavement structures
  • Reference to layered elastic and finite element methods are covered, but a working knowledge of computational mechanics is not required
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